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Overall instructions to access the Online ZEP PPI Forms:
  • Each enumerator will have to create a Kobo Toolbox account.
  • The organization then submits to the ZEP2030 Secretariat ( the list of usernames of the enumerators who will conduct the survey.
  • The Secretariat will add the users to the administrator account and email the go-signal to proceed once the users can already access the forms.


How to Use Kobo Toolbox

There are two ways to collect data for Kobo Toolbox, either install the Kobo Collect App for Android gadgets or through data entry in your Kobo Toolbox Account for IOS or other devices.

The succeeding instructions are for setting-up and registering your Kobo Toolbox Account and then setting-up your Kobo Collect Account in your device/gadget.

A. Set-up Kobo Toolbox Account

1. Go to and click “SIGN UP”.

2. Create an account under “Unlimited Use for Humanitarian Organizations”. Enter the needed information.
3. Confirm and activate your account by clicking on the URL sent to your email.

B. Set-up Kobo Collect App

Prerequisite – Smartphone version Android 4.0 or higher with at least 1GB of disk space

1. Install Kobo Collect on your device
Kobo Collect is the android-based application used to collect the data which feeds into your Kobo Toolbox account. Kobo Collect can only be downloaded on an Android OS. It is not available in iPhones and other devices that do not support Android OS.

1.1 Using your Android Phone/Tablet, go to ” Google Play Store” and search for KOBO COLLECT.
1.2 Install Kobo Collect

2. Set up your Kobo Collect Account
2.1 At the main page of Kobo Collect, look for the three dots on the right side of your screen and go to General Settings
2.2 In the General Settings, click on “Server”
2.3 Make sure that entry under “Type” is “Kobo Toolbox” then proceed to enter in the “URL” this:
2.4 Enter your Username and Password
2.5 Go back to the main page (where you will see the form options)

3. Collect and Save data
3.1 On the main page, press the GET BLANK FORM. Select the form you need to download and press GET SELECTED (Note: To download the forms, you need to have Wi-Fi or data connection)
3.2 To start collecting data, go back to the main page and press FILL BLANK FORM, and choose the form you want to use.
3.3 The ZEP PPI Tool will ask for the respondent’s consent in the beginning. Make sure to get the consent before proceeding. Note that a negative answer will automatically proceed to the end of the survey.
3.4 Once you are done collecting the necessary information, you will reach the last page which says YOU ARE AT THE END OF ZEP ONLINE PPI SURVEY
3.5 If you need to review or modify the entries at a later time, uncheck MARK FORM AS FINALIZED.

4. Submit the Form/s
4.1 At the end of the form, press SAVE FORM AND EXIT
4.2 For saved forms but not yet submitted, you can access them in the EDIT SAVED FORM on the main page and retrieve the form. If you wish to review the form, select the form you need to review and press GO TO START to review your data until you reach the end and make sure that MARK FORM AS FINALIZED has been checked
4.3 Return to the main page. You will see your completed forms in SEND FINALIZED FORM. Once you have internet access, check all the finalized forms and press SEND.

*For IOS or other devices, you may refer to instructions here: