The Zero Extreme Poverty PH 2030 (ZEP) is a movement that has a radical aim: the reduction of the extreme poverty from the lives of millions of Filipinos by the year 2030.

ZEP is a collective movement that is fuelled by 17 civil society organizations that were all ignited by reflections and realizations from a Poverty Summit in 2015. The movement that is a coalition that is dedicated to work for the realization of a “Philippines where every Filipino enjoys the necessary goods that define and sustain human dignity, life, security, and engaged citizenship.

Eight themes have been identified for the plans: Health; Education; Environment; Livelihood and Employment; Agriculture and Fisheries; Housing and Shelter; Peace and Human Security; and Social Justice. These are the thematic areas in which ZEP will operate with focused yet multi-sectoral actions to eradicate specific dimensions of poverty and inequality.




The enormity of the goal that ZEP aims for can only be reached with the concerted effort of many people in Philippine society. It is a goal that can no longer be ignored because at stake is the well-being and survival of millions of Filipinos who to this day live under the yolk of extreme poverty.


Central to ZEP is the Filipino family, with access to economic opportunities, social services, and a sustainable environment through ZEP’s clustered interventions. The initiative is anchored on the principles of empowerment, social justice, and a good governance to attain inclusive growth through collaborative partnership.


A Call to Action Through Collective Impact Strategy

Through the strategy of Collective Impact to result into a ‘large-scale social change that requires broad cross-section coordination’ with a common agenda, sharing common metrics, doing collective action.


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